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Automatic soldering machine soldering iron hair black problem

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The development of the automatic soldering machine the machine instead of human hand soldering, but still remains the same, the consumable welding head when soldering, and welding head itself to use time is not very long, when the black oxidation, but also can shorten the service life, small make up today is to analyse the automatic soldering machine soldering iron hair black, hope to help you.
Automatic soldering machine soldering iron hair black problem
Automatic soldering machine soldering iron hair black reasons:
1, lead tin wire: when the lead-free soldering iron head soldering, the application of lead tin wire will accelerate the oxidation of the iron head, so that the iron head appears black phenomenon, but also will shorten the service life of the iron head.
2. In the welding process, if the content of tin wire flux is too small, it will accelerate the oxidation of the surface of the iron head, especially some water-soluble flux, which will be highly corrosive at high temperature and damage the iron head.
3, tin wire is not pure or tin content is too low;  
4, long-term use, even without the use of flux, will become black.  
5, the black hair of the iron is oxidation reaction, which is directly related to the flux.Common flux is acidic, which increases oxidation.  
Oxidation has a lot to do with temperature.The higher the temperature, the faster the oxidation.The temperature is too high, especially when the temperature exceeds 400℃, easy to oxidize tin surface.  
The reason for tin is that tin appears black after oxidation.Ancient bronze mirrors included tin, copper, zinc, etc.These components use these things after they are oxidized, and use their oxide to lighten the surface of the light mirror.  
8, clean the iron head sponge contains too much sulfur, too dry or too dirty, which will also affect the iron head;The iron head and plastic, lubricating oil or other chemical contact, cause oxidation; 
9, the use of the iron head does not make the tin surface eat tin.  
Automatic soldering machine soldering iron hair black problem
How to solve the problem of automatic soldering iron black hair
First of all, the head of the soldering iron of the automatic soldering machine should be maintained regularly.After using the automatic welding machine for a period of time, the oxide should be regularly scraped with a cleaning ball and the tin should be refilled.When not using the machine, apply a new layer of tin to the iron head to protect the tin surface of the iron head.Remember not to burn the iron tip empty.  
Try not to use ultra-high temperature solder.If the temperature of the soldering machine's iron tip exceeds 470°C, the oxidation rate is twice that of 380°C.In the normal welding process, do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the soldering head of the soldering machine will be damaged and deformed.  
Second, choose the right solder wire.When we weld, we see a lumpy black substance, but why is it there?Specifically, it has to do with the flux used and the active agents in the flux.The stronger the active agent, the more corrosive.If the active agent is too strong, and the stirring is not uniform, it is easy to make the active agent local too strong, which will damage the iron head, leading to blackening and oxidation.Therefore, a higher proportion of flux was chosen initially to achieve the desired effect.

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