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Automatic soldering machine spot welding for what kind of process

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The two commonly used processes of automatic soldering machine are spot welding and drag welding.Shanghai Yoli automatic soldering machine manufacturers believe that both spot welding and drag welding need to meet certain requirements, such as drag welding process needs to meet the solder joint size is the same, solder joint distribution is uniform, then what is the main reason for choosing solder machine spot welding?
Automatic soldering machine spot welding for what kind of process
1. When the solder joint distribution is not uniform, it is necessary to choose the spot welding method to solder the tin-electronic components.The selection of spot welding process is due to uneven distribution of solder joints or high requirements for solder joints fullness;
2. When the solder joint requires high plumpness, you can choose the way of spot welding solder circuit board.The solder joint is more uniform, but the solder joint requires high plumpness, and the general choice of spot welding process;
3. High-speed spot welding precision spot welding should be spot welding.When there is a plug-in fixed, choose high-speed spot welding, to achieve precision welding joint.The spot welding efficiency of automatic soldering machine is very high
4. Select spot welding in the case of different solder joint requirements, is the drag solder process can not be achieved, because the choice of automatic solder joint solder process is relatively appropriate, many products for uneven tin plating requirements are not the same.
5. Too few solder joints.Select spot welding method for soldering tin.When the number of board pads is relatively small, if there are only two solder spots, the use of drag welding process is generally not recommended.In contrast, spot welding has advantages.

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