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The influence of high temperature of automatic soldering machine and Angle of soldering iron head

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Automatic soldering machine was originally invented to solve the labor shortage, automatic soldering machine mechanical arm can replace man's arm, and repeatability of the soldering operations, with the development of science and technology and the progress of The Times, fully automatic soldering machine doesn't just make up the lack of labor, in the solder industry, the repetition of the waterline human face, a lot of solder work, in the solder materials, time and so on various aspects are influenced by various factors, bad control, makes the product lack of consistency, and long time of solder also have harm to the human body.At present, automatic soldering machine is gradually replacing manual soldering.
The influence of high temperature of automatic soldering machine and Angle of soldering iron head
Automatic soldering machine at work, the amount of tin, soldering time, etc., are set through the soldering system, control the total production line a day, to the enterprise reasonable arrangement of production and planning to provide convenience.At the same time, we should also pay attention to the use of some automatic soldering machine skills, or the wrong use, will only bring all kinds of trouble.
1. We shall keep the temperature suitable for automatic welding machine:
In order to shorten the heating time of automatic welding machine, we usually use a higher temperature, a higher temperature will not only bring damage to the iron head, but also may bring other problems, such as: the solder wire in the flux does not have enough time to overflow to the solder surface, premature volatilization, affecting the final solder effect;The melting rate of the solder is too fast, which affects the function of the flux.Due to the high temperature of soldering iron, although the heating time is short, it can also cause overheating.
2. Correct the correct position of the welding joint:
Applying force to the welding spot of automatic welding machine can damage the welding parts and even cause the product to be scrapped. 
The above points are the operation skills that automatic soldering machine should pay special attention to.There are some commonly used methods in welding operation, such as welding surface treatment, pre-welding before welding, keeping the iron head clean and fixing the welding.These are some of the knowledge that welding operators must know.
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