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The factory cites the advantages of automatic soldering machine

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In the past, in addition to the input of raw materials, factories also need a lot of labor costs, so a batch of goods cost control is not ideal.When the demand for goods is high, production efficiency will be insufficient, resulting in delivery delays.In particular, the production of some large projects, because of the relationship between production efficiency, dare not carry out.If overdue, not only won't have too much profit, but also will pay penalty, so you will lose a lot of trading opportunities.However, the development of many modern mechanical devices is improving the market situation.Through the multi-function welding machine can meet more requirements, and in the production can also improve the efficiency.You don't have to worry about a lot of goods.Worried that production wouldn't keep up.
The factory cites the advantages of automatic soldering machine
After the factory put the automatic soldering machine into production, the overall production efficiency has been improved, can meet more production needs, and naturally can undertake larger project production.The most worrisome quality in mass production is substandard quality.This did happen in the past when manual welding was done, because the construction period was too long and the production standards were inadequate.Finally, the acceptance conditions are not met, and all of this needs to be redesigned.In the process of rework, the supplement and loss of materials, the consumption of time and labor undoubtedly led to the increase of cost.After the soldering machine is put into use, mechanized manufacturing will enable the finished product to have a uniform standard.Therefore, upon completion of production, all products are of the same specifications and dimensions, and there are no solders that do not meet the acceptance criteria.
Machine-based production can eliminate a lot of returns and rework.The one-time production can reach the standard completely, can reasonably control the production cost.In production, electronic components must be processed on different products or other solder-like materials, so orders for more than one product must be accepted.When there are more orders, it is absolutely necessary to handle different materials.The set parameters and welding coordinates will change.
When welding manually, a manual comparison is required.After the measurement, the coordinates are calculated.In order to be more accurate, you need to mark the welding points, but with the multi-function automatic welding machine, there is no such trouble.Set the coordinates directly according to the type of material to be replaced and the welding position.After the setup is complete, you can start the machine, start the welding operation and transport the welding material.
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