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Automatic soldering machine how to weld a good PCB board

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Automatic soldering machine is the most widely used in the field of PCB. To ensure the normal implementation of PCB soldering operation, the first choice is to understand the requirements of what conditions and prepare for a rainy day, to adjust the soldering operation, successfully completed.
First of all, the appearance of the weldment should be clean. In order to make the solder and the weldment reach the excellent combination, the appearance of the weldment must be kept clean.Even for highly solderable weldments, it is assumed that there is an oxide layer, dust and grease on the surface of the weldment.It is necessary to eradicate the clean before soldering, otherwise it will affect the composition of the alloy layer around the solder, and then it can not ensure the quality of solder.
Secondly, the weldment should be solderable.The quality of solder soldering mainly depends on the appearance of the solder wetting welding parts to adjust, that is, the two kinds of metal data can be moistened solderability.Assume that the weldability of the weldment is poor, it is impossible to weld a qualified solder joint.Weldability refers to the welding parts and solder in the appropriate temperature and the effect of the flux, constitute an excellent combination of function.
Next, the soldering time should be set appropriately.Soldering time refers to the time required for physical and chemical changes in the soldering process.It includes the time when the solder reaches the solder temperature, the time when the solder melts, the time when the solder flux takes effect and the time when the metal alloy is formed.
Circuit board solder time should be appropriate, too long easy to damage the solder parts and equipment, too short to meet the requirements.
After all, the choice of flux should be appropriate.There are many kinds of flux, and its effect is not the same. When using, different flux should be selected according to different soldering process and welding data.If the flux is used too much, the residual side effects of flux will be added.The amount of flux is too little, the welding aid effect is poor.Rosin flux is generally used in solder electronic products.Rosin flux without corrosion, remove oxidation, enhance the fluidity of solder, help to wet welding surface, so that the solder spot bright beautiful.
PCB soldering skill is an important part of electronic skills, and, in the production process of electronic products, PCB is essential.No matter how to open the level of science and technology in the future, PCB solder is a timeless skill topic.
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