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What are the common problems of automatic soldering machine jigs

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What are the common problems with the fixture of automatic soldering machine?With the innovation of industrial automation science and technology from time to time, our country introduced in this respect.Formats in the emerging age have undergone great changes.From the 3C digital and mobile phone brands in recent years, we can see that the sales volume of domestic brands has far exceeded that of foreign brands, which we are very proud of.But to complete these ultra-high technology manufacturing, cannot do without automatic soldering machine.So what will happen if the equipment is shown to be successful?Let's discuss it together!
What are the common problems of automatic soldering machine jigs
1, Automatic soldering machine base itself positioning error
In the past, the use of two positioning fixtures is not put down, if forced operation, one time, will lead to Y axis movement error in the process;
Now a positioning pin is used, although the result has been processed, but the new result is presented. At present, a positioning pin is used for positioning, so the positioning is not accurate enough, resulting in the placement error every time the jigs are placed on the chassis.
2. FPCB error of fixture positioning
The design of mould itself has certain errors, which is easy to cause the FPCB of the device to move or even vibrate in a small range in the movement of the fixture, which will have a serious impact on the welding positioning.
3. Device error
Because the cell and FPCB need to be manually installed in the fixture, so whether the FPCB of the device can be on a plane, whether the nickel sheet can be completely vertically pulled out of the pad hole, and the level of the device is a great indirect connection with the quality of the welding point.
4. Combination tolerance between jigs
This is the best result, affecting the quality of welding by machine precision when the manufacturing fixture, the influence of human technology, each the size of the fixture can not completely divided, there is a combination of fixture tolerance, so the same fixture error occurs when placed in different channels, reality proves that it is one of the most serious errors affect the welding quality.
5. Difficult maintenance in the early stage
Due to the high demand for welding accuracy, after all the errors disappear, new welding errors will occur in the application process of the fixture, such as artificial loading error, the tilt error of the nickel sheet in the hole of the pad, as well as the new errors in the application process of the fixture wear, maintenance, scrubbing and grinding.
6, Welding can not have too much error reason
Due to the welding plate width smaller batteries, and bonding pad at both ends has power core group of nickel plate through the small hole, when welding nickel piece through the holes out numerous mm, when welding should put the welding head in the appropriate position of bonding pad, assuming that welding head too far, tin not overflow "standing" nickel sheet to cover up the other side of the nickel, assume that welding head too close, or nickel sheet from pore medium voltage, light while the other side is the solder mask, but this side of the nickel solder be to welding head pressure, so that when the welding head is raised when the surface still has not been solder mask, incur bare copper.
Assuming there is no nickel sheet out, the solder head only needs to be placed on the pad. Perhaps the solder head is not far from the pad, and the tin can be smoothly spread over the entire pad.
So the particularity of solder counting determines the accuracy of our positioning.
7. Tin retention error of welding head
When welding, it is necessary to weld both large points and small points.
Reality has proved that the tin retention of welding head is different when welding large points and small points, and the retention of spot welding and drag welding is different.
The tin on the solder head will undoubtedly flow to the next solder joint. The tin retention on the solder head may not be a concern at large solder points, but the uncertainty of how much tin is retained at small solder points will have a large effect on how much tin is covered at small solder points.
Therefore, the tin retention error of welding head will indirectly affect the welding yield on the elements formed by welding.
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