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lascon ®laser heating controller

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lascon ® Controller is a unique high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser and  lascon ® temperature measurement and control system: to save space and wiring costs, it is integrated together.The system provides a powerful software package called  lascon Process Management (LPM) for setting temperature distribution, planning monitoring, quality control, visualization, and process data storage.With LPM software, you can also optionally match the control welding wire feed laser welding.Power 60W laser diode;Removable fiberglass core diameter between 200 microns (or 400 m, 600 m, 800 m) or 100μm core diameter fiber; lascon laser process controller with 100 microsecond acquisition rate and high speed infrared thermometer (10 kHz);The minimum temperature reading drops to 100°C;Combined with laser machining head LH101 and LH501;Applications: laser welding, laser welding, laser heat treatment, annealing for plugs and playback laser systems.
The controller of the laser soldering machine is a closed loop system.The temperature feedback is 10000 times/s (PS is generally 1000 times/s for other imported brands, and 300-500 times/s for domestic brands).High frequency temperature feedback is more handy when dealing with complex and precise solder joints.

The figure below shows our actual test curve in production

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