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Non standard customized product line

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In order to meet the needs of high-end electronic manufacturing enterprises, further informatization and further automation of intelligent manufacturing.Realize the production process can be monitored, MES system docking, data traceability, improve manufacturing technology and manufacturing quality.At the same time, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency.
Based on the above customer requirements, a six-axis automatic soldering robot with the following characteristics is developed:
1. Flexible intelligent production.Automatic loading and unloading, CCD visual positioning, RFID identification products, automatic program switching, ABB robot automatic welding;
2. Lean production, visual management, visible welding process;
3. Interaction data with MES system, product traceability;
4. Improve solder quality control.To avoid the uncontrollable soldering process caused by human factors, it can be matched with preheating device, 200W German Weller intelligent soldering module and advanced soldering process to meet the welding application of a variety of products, and the welding quality is guaranteed.
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