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Welcome to the official website of ULiROBOTS, we are dedicated to serve you
ULiROBOTS’s LOGO consists of three parts: a red quadrilateral module at the top, an English letter in the middle and a Chinese character at the bottom.
The red quadrilateral module
1.The red quadrilateral module is a rising parallelogram from left to right, which represents that ULiROBOTS is an enterprise that keeps innovating upward.
2.The red quadrilateral module also indicates that the future ULI will contain a variety of expandable projects, and in the future ULI will continue to improve the existing products based on the development of more automation-related projects.
English lettters
1.ULiROBOTS, where ULi is a transliteration of Chinese, ROBOT means robot, It mean that we will do more robot- related projects.
ULi's "i" is a lowercase letter, and the dot above it is combined with the red quadrilateral module, representing the goal of making ULi’S products and brands the benchmark in the industry.
Chinese Character
"Starting from force and achieving from goodness" is an Oriental culture, a Taoist thought, and also the name of our company.In ULi opinion, "force" is a kind of attraction, which brings everyone (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.) together to form the power of group strategy, and then the enterprise can do well, do big, do far."Goodness" in ULi's view is our return to society, employees, customers, etc.As a development-oriented enterprise, ULi needs to consider what meaningful things it can do for the society after success in the early stage. Therefore, we have become an internal foundation of ULi. Every order we complete will put a certain percentage of the amount into our foundation and return it to the people in need.
Core concept: HUMAN-ORIENTED
Human-oriented is the core idea of scientific development view.
For ULi, "people" refers to the employees and customers of the enterprise.
Human-oriented is the enterprise profit and employee development complement each other, complement each other, a win-win action.
People-oriented is to maximize the interests of customers, so as to achieve the maximization of profits and employees by our.
Core value: Altruistim
"Altruistim" refers to benefits or help, he refers to others, heart refers to their own state of mind.
It does not refer to being sociable or sophisticated, but rather the ability to genuinely love and contribute to others. It includes qualities such as filial piety, gratitude, integrity, kindness, fairness, cooperation, and so on.
The essence of Altruism is to know how to accept and give love, to truly cherish great love, and to behave in accordance with the principle of giving back to the society and others. A simple measure of altruism is how one treats strangers, that is, family members, friends, and people with interests.
Even if he has no external wealth, his altruism is a permanent treasure.
A state of mind that benefits others will also have a win-win effect.
Enterprise vision: To be a century-old enterprise
To be a "Century-old Enterprise", we must have a century-old mentality and more importantly, the spirit of craftsmanship.YoULi Automation will take soldering industry as the cornerstone, continuous innovation and development of their own strength.
Business philosophy:
Quality is fundamental;
Innovation is the blood;
Service is life;
Culture is the soul;
Unity is strength;
Management Philosophy:
Before the system, everyone is equal;
Performance orientation, process control;
Eliminate ambiguity, and speak;
Continuous improvement, excellence;
Talent shaping, strive to create first-class.
Our eight characteristics:
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